#LLChallenge WINNER!!

I am one of the winners of the #LLChallenge by @LucindaLitNYC! I was awarded a 15 minute Zoom call with Lucinda Halpern from Lucinda Literary, among other wonderful prizes, and I am SO EXCITED!!

Writer friends, if you have any advice for me, as far as what I should ask and talk about, I’d love to hear it. Please comment or message me. Remember: I’m a total newbie!

This was my winning post. Thank you, #LLChallenge @LucindaLitNYC!

A Mother Who Reads

A mother who reads to their child inspires that child, who then inspires others. Reading to children creates inspirational ripples that reach far beyond what anyone can measure. I am grateful for a mother who read to me. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful mothers — whether you bore children or not. You are loved and appreciated.

My mom and me TODAY!!

#LLChallenge Accepted!

I have accepted the challenge from Lucinda Literary to get up an hour early and commit to writing first thing in the morning. This morning I was blessed to see a bunny, the moon, and my military son before he headed out. Thanks!! #LLChallenge https://lucindaliterary.com/ @LucindaLitNYC


Living in Sanity Graphic Novel

I am in collaboration with Award-Winning Artist (you may have heard of her) Sariah Arnold, on a graphic novel of Living in Sanity. Some of her work is already featured on this site. Pictured below is her depiction of the Indian Removal Act and the atrocities committed against Native Americans in the Westward Expansion. This picture was named The Best in Show.

An Ode Owed to Rebecca

Rebecca, I know I can never repay the debt owed to you, so here is an ode I created just for you!

Thank you for the countless hours you’ve spent fleshing out the story hidden beneath the rabble.

Thank you for your brutal honesty in the face of redundancy and cheesiness.

I’ve learned to love your yellow highlighter, red-ink pen, and green questions.

Yes, I still cringe when I see my manuscript in multicolored hues, but the end result shines all the clearer.

And while today is not your actual birthday, I want to wish a Happy Birthday Month to my favorite critiquer, listener, lets-me-steal-her-ideas-er, gets-me-out-of-a-slump-er, cheerleader, and friend!

The Anti-Craft

I don’t like crafts. Never have. I can appreciate others’ talents in this arena, but I have not been blessed with this gift. And that’s OK with me. 

How ironic was it that my first published work was a craft article? I’m still at a loss to explain how this absurdity happened, but I’m grateful it did!

I, the Anti-Craft, had a regular column called “Mama’s Craft Corner” in Ruby For Women in 2010 (and into 2011). Ruby for Women was an e-zine for women of all ages and stages of life. It was an excellent publication headed by Senior Editor Nina Newton.

My children had fun assisting me with these articles. They were ages 3 to 13 at that time. We had been doing these crafts since they were all tiny. I called it ‘hand art’ because it usually involved my children’s hands, but sometimes I used their feet, as well. I’ve saved these masterpieces in their scrapbooks and cherish them to this day.

In addition to the crafts, Nina also published a poem I wrote to honor my mother, “My Mother, The Rose.” (See My Poems page — a new page on my Author’s website!)

My Books Page and About

Heeding the advice of publishing industry expert Jane Friedman, I decided to add two pages to this website/blog. 

One page is the About page, nothing too exciting there, just a little bit about me… <yawns>.

The other page is a LOT more exciting: the My Books page! It has blurbs about my books and Works in Progress (which are subject to change as each story progresses). Just click on “My books” to learn about some of my Works in Progress (WIPs). Feel free to comment; I’d love to hear from you!

PS. If YOU want to learn more about the publishing industry, here is a link to Jane Friedman’s Electric Speed Newsletter: https://www.janefriedman.com/free-newsletter/


Happy 2021! The good news is: I’ve been writing. I haven’t been blogging about my writing, but that’s because most of it is new and coming at me like waves breaking on a beach during a hurricane. LIVING IN SANITY II (two or “too” — get it?) is shaping up to be a heart-wrenching story.

I’ve finished self-editing LIVING IN SANITY and got it down to 110,000 words (from 120,000). Rebecca suggested splitting LIS into two books, and she might be right, but my brain just won’t go there — at least not yet. She has concerns that I might’ve stripped it down, even though the goal was to make it more precise. And she would know, she’s been with me since Day One. LIVING IN SANITY would not be here without Rebecca Blake!

Speaking of Day One, I had a new question come up from an agent on their query form: “What was your inspiration for this book?”

I thought back to when I first saw Flavious and Felicity. It was just a picture in my mind of two teenagers arguing — one was a red-haired girl sitting on a tree branch, and the other was a blonde-haired boy standing exasperatedly on the sidewalk. It was amusing to think back to that “picture,” especially since LIS II has been so heartbreaking lately.

My editor, Jessica Becker, just finished chapter one of LIVING IN SANITY, and I love the feedback! Thanks, Jess!


Oh, my goodness! This is scary!

Writer's Treasure Chest

Apparently not even traditionally published authors are safe from crooks. Victoria Strauss on her ‘Writer’s Beware’ blog describes one particular case on her blog. Please read it and be careful. Thank you.

Posted by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware®

The New York Times has published the story of a strange international phishing scam: unknown actors targeting traditionally-published writers, posing as their agents or editors to obtain copies of their unpublished manuscripts.
Earlier this month, the book industry website Publishers Marketplace announced that Little, Brown would be publishing “Re-Entry,” a novel by James Hannaham about a transgender woman paroled from a men’s prison. The book would be edited by Ben George.

Two days later, Mr. Hannaham got an email from Mr. George, asking him to send the latest draft of his manuscript. The email came to an address on Mr. Hannaham’s website that he rarely uses, so he opened up…

View original post 127 more words

Thought I’d share this deal. I’m headed over to Amazon to get mine!

The Emotion Thesaurus EXPANDED Edition is .99 Cents (Limited Time Amazon Deal) — WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

No, your eyes are not deceiving you…from December 28th to the 31st, Amazon.com has chosen the Emotion Thesaurus Expanded 2nd edition as their BIG DEAL and you can grab the kindle version for less than a buck.

The Emotion Thesaurus EXPANDED Edition is .99 Cents (Limited Time Amazon Deal) — WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

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